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Back in the Day

This page will include information pertaining to Carey Football BEFORE the 1991 Season. We chose that time period since it came just before the onset of the "computer age" when records were easier to maintain, catalog and update. The information in this section will contain honors received and season summaries gathered from coaches, yearbooks, programs and Alumni  "war stories." In the next few months, more information will be included as former players like yourself contribute. Team, game and individual pictures from those years will also be added.

As this year moves along, we will slowly, but surely, document EVERY year of Carey football. Each year will include a short summary of memorable events, anecdotes and results. Those memories will be based on stories from YOU, Coach Martone and those coaches that followed him. 

We will begin our trip back with a listing of those players who achieved honors during their playing careers. If there are any changes in spelling or accuracy to be made, e-mail me at and I will make those corrections.

Carey Varsity Football started in 1957. Coach Martone, assisted by "Babe Gangemi", was Carey's first Head Coach and Athletic Director. All home games in that first year were played at Sewanhaka High School.

In those early years, such official honors as All-County, League, etc. were unheard of. Accolades for outstanding players were usually reserved for local papers such as the Daily News, Herald Tribune, Telegram and Long Island Press. All-County Honors were unofficial designations in Nassau County until 1965, when the "Gridiron 44", the selection of the top 44 players in all of Nassau County, was established. The most prestige a player could receive in his own school in those early years before 1965 was that of MVP or elected-Captain. I will start with those players. 

1957    MVP's     Dick Postel (HB, DB) , Arnold Vesik  (C, LB)
            Football Novice - All-League Team (Newsday)
            R.Postel (HB), Arnold Vesik (C, LB), Jim Coffas (OT, DT)

1958    Captain  Jim Coffas  
             MVP's     Dick Postel (HB) , Arnold Vesik  (C,LB)
             All-Scholastic   Arnold Vesik (1st Team Newsday) 

1959    Captain  Pete Fuhrman  (OG)
             MVP's     Dick Postel (HB) , Vin Casillo (C,OT, DT, NG)  
             NCFCA    Dick Postel , Vin Casillo , Pete Fuhrman
             Pete Fuhrman (1st Team Newsday)
             Dick Postel (2nd Team Newsday)  

1960    Captain  Vin Casillo  (C, OT, DT, NG)
             MVP       Artie Amelio  (FB, LB)
             Vin Casillo   -  1st Team -  NCFCA  / L.I.Press / Newsday
             N.Y. Daily News /  World-Telegram / N.Y. Herald Tribune  

             Artie Amelio    1st Team NCFCA / 1st Team Long Island Press
1961    Captain  Mike Coffas  (C)
             MVP       Dan Kleeman    (RB,DB)
             Mike Coffas  (All-League)

1962    Vinnie Leanzo  (OE)  (1st Team All-Metropolitan)

1963    Captains  Donald Gress (OG, DG) , Bill Shapiro  (C,OG, DG)
             Don Gress (All-League)

1964    Captain Andy Chiarelli  (OT, DT)

            Tom Tranchina (OT, DT)  (All-League)
             Andy Chiarelli     (All-League)    

                                  All-County Selections

1965     Tom Tranchina          OT,DT
1966     Tom Scotti                  RB, LB
1967     Ed Tranchina             OT, DT
1969     Carl Capria                 RB, DB, OE, PR, KR
1972     Paul Patti                    C, OG, LB
1973     Dave Willets               DT,OT  
1974     Joe Stramandi           DE
             Tom Van Buskirk       LB, FB
1975     Chris Bargione          DT, OT
1976     Rich Potter                 HB, LB, P
              Matt Kennedy            MLB
1977     Dom Livoti                  HB, LB
             Tom Chierchie            LB
1978     Marty Ketelsen          HB, DB, KR
              Russell Ehrens         HB, LB 
             John Van Wie             OT, DT
1979     Mike Gladitsch           DT, NG
1980     Mike Gladitsch           DT, NG
1981     Tom Hawkins             RB, LB
1982     Anthony Corvino      OT, DT
1983     Joe Kiesecker            HB
1985     Jim Scully                   TB, DE
1987     Keith Berenger          HB, LB, KR, PR
1988     Mike Medina               OT, DT 
1989     John DiPietro          MLB, OG
1990     Mike Augeri                C, LB

                                All Conference / League

As Nassau County football progressed, League and Division designations gave way to Conferences. The players selected in those years are duly noted. A number of players from the above list (All-County) were listed again here because they received these first honors as Sophomores or Juniors  

1972    Nick Mitchell                     FB, LB
             Arnold Scarpati               QB, DB
1973   Joe Stramandi                  DE
             Nick Mitchell                    FB, LB
             Chuck Saracino              HB
1974    Kevin Hickey                   LB, OE
             Rick McClain                   HB  
             Chuck Saracino              HB
             Steve Tomaselli              LB, QB
1975    Rick McClain                   HB
            Anthony Sperduti           QB, DB
            Jeff LaMarita                    SE, DB
            Rich Potter                       HB, LB, P, KR
1976   James Cody                     DE
            Jimmy Sperduti               OT, DT
            Dom Totino                      QB, RB
            Wayne Brownsworth     SE
1977   Joe Natoli                          TE, LB
            Mike Cirisano                   OG, DG
            Jimmy Sperduti                OT, DT
            Mike LaBosco                  FB, DE
1978   Joe Montemarano           RB, HB
             Russell LeClair               RB, LB   
             Frank Lofaso                   DB, RB
             Marty Ketelsen                RB, PR, KR
1979    Tom Cullen                       RB, LB
             Charlie Amann                RB, WR
1980    Ed Cosgrove                   WR, DB
             Joe Fasano                      OT, DT 
             Jeff Opderbeck               QB, DB
             Joe Pacifico                     RB, DB
             Billy Sonner                     RB, DB  
1981     Frank Cirisano               WR, DB 
              Lou Ceparano                RB, LB
              Anthony Corvino           OT, DT
1982     Mike Amore                     FB, LB, QB      
              Matt Hawkins                  RB, MLB
              Rich Presley                    RB, DE
              Joe Amato                       OT, DT
1984     John Rutigliano             DE, DT, OT
              Joe Petrancosta            FB, MLB   
1987     Steven Kaczynski         OG
1988     Matt Bauer                      OLB
              Frank Carbone               RB, KR, PR
1990     Tom Dunleavy                RB, LB
              Dave Spano                   OG, DG
              Marc Albignano             OT, FT