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All Time Records

**With respect to all of the former Carey Seahawks Football Players, the records listed below only date back to the 2001 Season.  If anyone is aware of any omissions please contact Coach Hedquist in the PE Department.


Yards in a Game

Yards in a Season

Passing Touchdowns in a Season

Passing Touchdowns in a Game


Ray Catapano 361 Yards (2012)

Ray Catapano 2,157 Yards(2013)

Ray Catapano 36 (2013)

Ray Catapano 5 (2013)


Yards in a Game

Rushing Yards in a Season

Longest Rushing Touchdown

Longest Receiving Touchdown


Sal Intagliata 216 Yards(2007)

Greg D'Arienzo 1,314 Yards(2009)

Greg D'Arienzo 94 Yards (2009)

Matt Robison 77 Yards (2012)


Receptions in a Game

Yards in a Game

Yards in a Season

Receiving Touchdowns in a Season


Matt Robison 11 (2012)

Rob Braun 185 Yards (2008)

Dylan DeMeo 803 (2013)

Dylan DeMeo & Andrew Ris 10 (2013)


Tackles in a Game

Tackles in a Season

Sacks in a Game

Sacks in a Season


Thomas Daddino 24 (2002)

Thomas Daddino 102 (2002)

Thomas Dente 5 (2012)

Thomas Dente 11 (2012)


Longest Kickoff Return for a TD

Longest Punt Return for a TD

Interception Return for a TD

Touchdowns in a Game


Mike DeLeo 90 Yards (2012)

Nick Spillane 60 Yards (2013)

Nick Spillane 96 Yards (2012)

Greg D'Arienzo 5 (2009)


Longest Punt

Receptions in a Season

Touchdowns in a Season 



Greg D'Arienzo 79 Yards (2009)

Dylan DeMeo 49 (2013)

Greg 'Arienzo 27 (2009)